We act as Project Managers on turnkey project basis to help the client in the different phases of a project, from the start, when helping to define the plan, design, engineering, financing and on to execution.

The company has the capacity to implement any project in full, from start to completion:

  • Selecting and hiring the most appropriate know-how and engineers based on the project’s function
  • Quoting, planning and controlling execution (time-scales and investments) for all types of project, from start until final handover of the factory, installation or unit involved.
  • Customer financing management, obtaining the best solutions via public or private entities, preparing all documentation, monitoring it appropriately for start up and ease of use.
  • Procurement of all necessary goods and services, in accordance with the main contract, by purchasing or subcontracting, complying with the defined quality, time-scale and cost requirements.
  • Logistical organisation and management, from sender to destination, for transport and storage, to comply with all time-scales and legal and physical safety and other conditions for deliveries.
  • Contracting, direction and/or supervision of local works, both civil and industrial, as well as installation operations, start up and training personnel who will work on the unit, constructing and maintaining all the equipment, always in the spirit of transfer of knowledge.

Ensuring compliance with technical guarantees for quality, time periods and returns, via services for engineering, material suppliers and subcontractors, to comply with overall guarantees.

Collection, preparation and presentation of all documentation, both technical and administrative, that is contractually needed by the customer, for financial institutions and by the authorities, both for despatch and receipt.


Based on an international team of consultants, we are available to provide various types of consultancy in the areas of agriculture, agro-industry and energy to public and private clients.

Specialising in producing viability studies for projects in the agricultural and agribusiness sector.

The whole consultancy process meets international standards, with the ultimate objective of providing the customer with definitive answers and guidance: identification, search for alternatives, selection, execution and follow-up.

The Values within consultancy include:

  • Identity: core business.
  • Prospective: environmental observation, scenario analysis, SWOT analyses, interest groups.
  • Strategy: share value, objectives and indicators.
  • Leadership: change management, individual leadership, intelligent organisations.
  • Management: organisational architecture, redesigning rules, project execution and management, CRM and CEM.


We make our technical team available so we can manage agricultural complexes in different layouts.

Always through the prism of operations and centred on production, process improvement, technical assistance, helping the client from the start of the project to provide quality in the market.

Centred on process profitability and improvement, we provide the customer with different types of operation with our Know How.